Dubai Visa Services

UAE Immigration

Greenland Visas are world leading independent UAE visas and immigration experts,  We assist with finding work in Dubai and UAE Visas. Our specially trained Dubai visa team based around the world and in Dubai have helped people relocate since 1996. Our UAE Immigration experts assist our clients with everything from securing the right UAE visa, preparing you for international employment, assisting you find the very best jobs, shipping, foreign exchange, insurance, opening bank accounts and much more. 

When you are moving to the UAE you face many challenges and it is important to leave nothing to chance.  With us you are in safe hands.

Finding the right Dubai visa is vital to ensuring your long term immigration to the UAE. Our experts will work with you to plan and prepare your case to ensure we secure the best possible route through United Arab Emirates' Immigrations Laws.

You may visit the UAE immigration authorities site directly if you wish to represent yourself.  It is important to note Greenland Visas are an independent UAE Immigration company and we never disclose our clients information.  Our fees are separate the Government fees which can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.  Prior to taking on any case we provide a complete break down of all fees which are then fixed to ensure peace of mind and stop hidden charges.

UAE Visa for work

To secure a UAE visa to work you shall require an employer who will sponsor your case.  We assist you locate the best jobs who can then apply for your work visa.

UAE Job Hunting

Our team of employment experts do more than just prepare our clients for employment in the UAE we help you secure the best jobs in the UAE. We have thousands of links to employers we know and we also have strong relationship with UAE recruitment companies who we have selected to work with our clients to pro-actively find the best employers for our clients. Even before you enter the UAE, we will be working hard to secure you the best jobs in the UAE. We believe it is vital when you are emigrating to the UAE you have the best support and not just a visa. 

More than a UAE Visa

As the world’s leader in UAE visas, employment and relocation services, Greenland Visas is prepared to assist with every aspect of your move to the UAE.  Make the next step today and contact Greenland Visas by clicking on the link for your free assessment.