Dubai Dolphinarium

The first and largest, fully air conditioned indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East is located in the lush CreeDubai Dolphinarium dubaik Park in the heart of Dubai. Treat yourself and your kids to a wonderful and brand new indoor show at the recently opened Dubai Dolphinarium.

It is a show that features three highly talented dolphins and four equally charming seals along with lots of excitement, participation and fun for the kids! The 'Live Dolphin and Seal Show' is a 45 minute spectacular of gracious bottlenose dolphins performing with northern fur seals giving the audience the thrill of watching the star performers sing, jump through hoops, juggle, dance, play ball and even draw.

Recently, 200 kg female dolphin, ksyusha, has added a highly entertaining behavior to her act, that of tail walking. Verticallt and then moving across the pool, giving the impression that she can walk on water!

There is a surround sound system with lasers and spotlights to enhance your experience and many fun programmes and exciting interaction with the mammal. Dubai Dolphinarium is a great way to educate, entertain and learn for both young and old.

With a knowledgeable and versatile team of instructors, Dubai Dolphinarium provides an unforgettable experience with the world's most loved animals. There is also a restaurant and gift shop on site.

After the show you will have the opportunity to take pictures with the dolphins to capture the already unforgettable experience. The cost of the Dolphinotherapy tour also includes pictures that will be professionally shot by the Dolphinarium.Dolphinarium in Dubai